Classified Advertising

Classified advertising is FREE to all current members subject to the following conditions:


All adverts must be from PRIVATE individuals and fall into one of the categories marked ‘a’ to ‘e’ below.

(a) Jaguars for sale (text only)
(b) Vehicles wanted
(c) Parts for sale
(d) Parts wanted
(e) Publications (Jaguar related)

Free ads are limited to one ad of 64 words per member (for two issues).This is in order to ensure all members may take advantage of the service.

Members may have their ad included in more than 2 issues at a cost of 10 pence per word, per issue.

Photos may be included for all categories: E-mail photos to with your name and membership number

The cost for standard photo and free text is:

  • £7.50 one issue
  • £12.00 two issues
  • £15.00 three issues

The cost for prestige photo and bold text is:

  • £14.00 one issue
  • £22.00 two issues
  • £28.00 three issues

Please note we are unable to return photos. All other categories are charged at £10 per ad (up to 64 words per issue).


(private individuals only, no trade) may have their ads included for £15 (up to 64 words per issue) and for all categories £20 standard photo or £35 prestige photo.

Special terms and conditions apply to traders. An information sheet is available from H.Q.


Please ensure all e-mail and telephone contact details are included within the 64 word limit, or we may not be able to process the advertisement. Thank you for your co-operation.



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Standard photo and free text: 

  one issue
  two issues
  three issues

Prestige photo and free text:  

one issue
two issues
three issues

Please tick ONE box for Classification required: *

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Please Note: This form is to arrive by the 9th of the preceding month. Ads received after 9th of month will be included in the next AVAILABLE issue. Due to administration costs, we are unable to contact advertisers who submit ads without the correct fee. We are unable to return photos.