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Catering for all models of E-Type. If you have a penchant for arguably the most famous car in the world, this is the register for you.

In March 1961, the motoring world was taken by storm when Jaguar unveiled what Enzo Ferrari described as the most beautiful car ever made. It’s hard to underestimate the sensation the E-Type created when the public got its first sight of what was a sleek, futuristic rocket ship compared to the conventional sports cars of the day. With a claimed top speed of 150mph, it became the fastest production sports car in the world. So much has been written and said about this iconic car that it’s hard to find new superlatives to describe it. The E-Type is one of the few models that even people with no interest in or knowledge of cars can instantly recognise. It became the must-have wheels for countless celebrities and made regular appearances in films and on TV.

During its 13 years of production, the E-Type evolved from the original 3.8 Series 1 coupé and roadster, using Jaguar’s famous straight-six XK engine, to its final Series 3 incarnation, fitted with the mighty 5.3-litre V12. Nothing divides E-Type purists more than the different engines and body styles, with some Series 1 adherents claiming that only the original 3.8 is the Real Thing, while others beat the drum for the more controversial V12.

In 1964, the 3.8-litre unit was replaced by a 4.2. The model was still called a Series 1 and although it remained unchanged externally, it benefitted from a number of mechanical and interior trim upgrades. In 1966 a 2+2 version was introduced on a longer wheelbase with limited space for two extra passengers in the back and this body style remained in production, becoming the only coupé option on the Series 3.

The Series 1 made way for the Series 2 in 1968 (with a number of ‘Series 1 1 /2’ interim cars). Gone were the much-loved glass headlamp fairings and the bumper-mounted ‘squinty’ rear lights. However, under the skin, alongside the 4.2-litre XK engine, were a raft of upgrades to brakes, cooling system and interior.

The last version of the E-Type appeared in 1971, in roadster and 2+2 coupé form, powered by the V12. The sleekly beautiful styling of the original Series 1 had evolved into a more muscular-looking car and although it wasn’t to everyone’s taste, it was a mighty performer and is still popular today. Production ended in 1974.

The E-Type is still one of the world’s most collectable cars and the JDC E-Type Register one of the most active supporters of the model, offering owners technical and concours expertise, track and hill climb days, European tours and regular workshops.

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