The Pace Register

If you own an F-Pace, E-Pace or I-Pace, let us help you keep it on the road and get the very best out of your car.

This is the JDC’s newest Register, created to provide a home for people who own or have an interest in Jaguar’s Pace range. This began with the F-Pace in 2015 and was followed by a smaller sibling, the E-Pace in 2017 and, in 2018, the multi-award-winning all-electric I-Pace. We anticipate that 2021 will see a fourth model join the Pace family with the hybrid J-Pace. Although some old-school Jaguar purists were disappointed at the arrival of a Jaguar-badged SUV, it soon became clear that these robust models were popular with the car-buying public. With the Pace models, they got the best of both worlds, with an all-wheel-drive platform developed by the experts at Land Rover in an attractive, upmarket package, topped off with a prestigious Jaguar badge.

Sales of these cars, and the F-Pace in particular, have been leading Jaguar’s sales figures in recent times.

The Pace Register is currently led by Jack White, who has moved on from his cherished Mk 2 to an I-Pace. He produces a monthly update for our magazine with news of what’s happening in the Pace world.

If you own an F-Pace, E-Pace or I-Pace, then please contact Jack and let him know what you think of your car and what you have been doing with it. We are always grateful for news from our members and delighted to see photographs of the cars, too.

The Pace Register Chairman

Craig Mitchell

News Correspondent

Jack White
Phone: 01763 249813