The Mark VII, VIII and IX Register

Catering for Jaguar's grand old traditional saloons, the Mark VII, Mark VIIM, Mark VIII & Mark IX

This Register caters for Jaguar’s ‘Big Cats’ – better known as the Mk VII, Mk VIIM, Mk VIII and Mk IX. The aim of the Register is to foster interest in these grand old Jaguar saloons and to help owners use, maintain and enjoy their cars.

Plans for the Mk VII were drawn up during World War 2 by William Lyons and his team of brilliant engineers, who designed the impressive XK engine specifically to give this car 100mph performance.

The Mk VII was introduced at the 1950 Motor Show and was in production until 1954. It can be identified by its split front screen. It has a 3.4-litre engine developing 160bhp and full rear wheel covers. The Mk VIIM was made from 1954 to 1957. In appearance it was similar to the Mk VII but the 3.4-litre engine was modified to give 190bhp.

The Mk VIII was produced from 1956 to 1958 with a restyled body featuring a one-piece curved front screen, cut-away rear wheel covers, a body-dividing chromium strip along its flanks to facilitate two-tone paint schemes and picnic trays for the rear-seat passengers. It also utilised the 3.4-litre engine producing 190bhp.

The Mk IX, introduced in 1958, used an almost identical body to that of the Mk VIII but featured a 3.8-litre engine producing 220bhp, disc brakes and power steering.

Although the Mk VII-IX cars were frequently used as limousines, the Mk VII in particular had an impressive sporting pedigree. Considerable success was achieved in production car racing from 1952 to 1956 and in international rallying. In 1956, a Mk VIIM in the hands of Ronnie Adams was the only Jaguar to win the prestigious Monte Carlo Rally.

To encourage more use of these spectacular cars, the Register provides a number of weekend or mid-week breaks coupled with a short tour programme, often including visits to notable places of interest.

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