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Catering for all the XJ saloons and Daimler variants

The Jaguar XJ saloon took the world by storm when it was launched in 1968. This modern, innovative car was a groundbreaking step forward from the classically styled saloons that it replaced. With 2.8- and 4.2-litre engines, and short and long wheelbase options, it was in great demand. Early examples changed hands at auction at well above list price so desperate were people to get their hands on them.

Sales of the early model were good. In 1972, the V12 engine was fitted and the car won acclaim for being the best saloon car in the world. It was given a face-lift and became the Series 2 in 1973 and, two years later, the Coupé in both Jaguar and Daimler variants was launched – production of that model continued through to 1978. The next revision was in 1979 when the elegant Pininfarina-styled model saw the light of day.

In 1986, the XJ40 arrived with squarer styling than that of its predecessors, powered by the new AJ6 6-cylinder engines initially in 2.9- and 3.6-litre options, and finally with a 4.0-litre option. The XJ40 was restyled and, in 1994 became the attractive X300, which in turn was re-engineered into the V8-powered X308 that arrived in 1997.

The next iteration of this enduring grand saloon was the X350, which was Jaguar’s first venture into aluminium construction. The car was bigger than the outgoing model and came with a choice of petrol and diesel engines. The final X351 came along in 2010 and featured a major revision in appearance. The traditional three-box saloon had gone, to be replaced by a design similar to that of the recently launched XF, following the 'new-look' styling introduced by Director of Design, Ian Callum.

Production of the XJ ceased in 2019 but a new, all-electric model is promised for 2021. Our XJ Register has a prolific presence in Jaguar Driver magazine every month and we welcome contributions from members of pictures and stories of their cars for inclusion. Every year, the Register holds an XJ National Day in the Midlands and also arranges annual tours at home and abroad with interesting overnight stays. You will find information about these in Jaguar Driver and elsewhere on this website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and we look forward to meeting you at a JDC XJ event soon.

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